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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services



MYAS is passionate about promoting the high level of play and the talent the 2022 Gopher State Tournament of Champions represents.  Let MYAS Amplify and Elevate these great moments through our powerful social media channels. 


Many teams have one or a couple of parents who enjoy taking pictures throughout the season.  MYAS has created a solution for each team to streamline and optimize their efforts.  Each team designates one person as point of contact on your team to collect your team moments for the weekend.  If you have 3-4 parents taking pictures, the team point of contact can create a team file of pictures.

A team point of contact can send team pictures and focused 5-10 second video clips throughout the weekend, and MYAS will Amplify the moments you have captured via our vast social media outlets.

Options to post your pics and video clips throughout the weekend:

MYAS also encourages you to capture an incredible play or moment and post this great GSTC Moment, using #GSTCMoments + age/level:

MYAS Twitter @MYASMinnesota

MYAS – Gopher State Baseball Facebook

MYAS Gopher State Baseball Instagram

MYAS will extend these memories with a Tournament Gallery for each age group and level A, AA, AAA, everyone can access after the weekend is complete.  For example, based on your teams age and level send to: #GSTCMoments10AA. Go to to view galleries.  

Enjoy the 2022 Gopher State Tournament of Champions experience! Let MYAS Amplify and Extend the GSTC powerful moments the players and coaches create, and the families and friends capture.
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