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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


On February 11, 2017, Jeremy Innes (center) presented Denise McCarney and Brian Schnappauf with MWT Legacy Awards. The MWT Legacy Awards recognize their dedication and contributions to the Midwest Wrestling Tour.

Denise McCarney, MWT Bracketing Director
Adding Denise to the MWT team was the best decision that the MWT ever made. We refer to Denise as the brains behind our operation.  The year was 2004 and we were running the Minnesota AAU State Folkstyle Tournament at Eagan High School. The participation numbers grew to a point where we had enough wrestlers to have true weight classes. Unsure as to how to tackle that task, a member of our host group (the South Metro Elite Wrestling Club) suggested that we contact Denise McCarney. We did so and she agreed to help us. Shortly after meeting her, we knew that we were in good hands. She had her own bracketing system and it was a perfect fit. Thirteen years and dozens of events later, she is as dedicated as ever to making sure that the wrestlers, coaches and fans have the best experience possible.

Brian Schnappauf, Monticello Wrestling Club

Brian is one of those guys who gets things done, usually with a smile on his face. He was in charge of that giant workforce and they always did what he asked them to do. He is an exceptional leader. After nine great years, Brian recently stepped down as the lead person with their host group. We think he wanted to give someone else the opportunity to share in the fun. Brian is as responsible as anyone for taking Gopher State wrestling to the next level. A lot of our current policies and procedures were recommended by Brian. He has always been great at seeing the big picture and is still dedicated to making Gopher State the best that it can be. We have always said that the fieldhouse at Monticello High School is amazing, but their group of people is even better.


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