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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Listed below is some feedback that we have received in regards to the Gopher State and Badgerland Nationals tournaments.

"Only the most organized wrestling event of over 200 we have attended. An absolute deadline. Mat assignment & time completion estimate per mat: Five days in advance. Brackets: Three days in advance. Host/Hotel staff wishing wrestlers "Good Luck" over & over.  Triple-sized gym with all full mats, in a multi-million $ high school with a lobby that resembles Camelot. "Bar Code Card" retrievable results round by round. Efficient match progression & awards presentation. 10-12 state draw & steep competition. Perfect PA system of utmost clarity. Perfect volume background music. The staff, ready to accommodate you like a servant for any special need (which we had). Good Experience? Well, yeah, but kind of like driving a Dodge Viper, then every car you step into after is not----when an event "sets the standard" it's more than just "good" & that whole staff needs congrats."

"The Midwest wrestling tour tournaments are a fabulous opportunity for young wrestlers to find excellent competition outside of their local area.  This is my son's last year participating in the tournament series and we found all 3 of the tourneys to be run efficiently and with a National level of class.  No tournament is without its issues, but Jeremy and his staff work quickly to address any situation that occurs and are quite flexible in handling them on a case by case basis.  I can truly tell the staff is there to help our kids get the most out of the difficult sport of wrestling, especially those life lessons that are found in our sport.  I would encourage all wrestlers to attend the Midwest tour to get some great competition, meet new people, and take a chance at being the 'Next Midwest Tour National Champion'.  I know we did and will never forget the memories.  Thanks Jeremy and your team."

"Too often you only hear the negative when you host an event like this. Well, I want to share some positive! My sons and my wife and I travel to several events a year and we do prefer the large venues (like Badgerland). I just want to let you know that my son Brady wrestled your event in Lacrosse on Saturday and it was 2nd to none. We hadn't wrestled your series for a couple years now, but I want to tell you it was awesome. 8-Man bracket and on the road home by 1pm...  don't change a thing and congratulations on hosting this awesome event!"


"I believe I have officiated the Gopher State Nationals since its inception and I do not ever recall any major problems!! That is amazing!  I have been involved with wrestling for 44 years--wrestling at the age of 5 all the way through college, then coaching and now officiating.  I have seen my share of tournaments.  This tournament is by far the smoothest running tournament ever!!  Everyone works together and does an amazing job!"

"Really appreciate the time you gave me.  Its the little things like this that make good tournaments great."

"Been to both Badgerland and Gopher State, and the medals are nice, but better yet, they are hard to acquire with good competition, and the tournaments are as well run as the best tournaments anywhere in the U.S. The folks who put this together obviously care about the kids and putting on a good event for them and the fans and families."

"Just wanted to pass along our congratulations and thanks for the great tournament over the weekend.  We had about a dozen kids there and will definitely bring more next year.  We go to allot of National tournaments and you guys rank with the best.  Organized, fast, great facility and best of all really good officials.  We will definitely be going to Badgerland Nationals."

"The problem with attending a wrestling event this-well-run is you may never be satisfied again. The guy walks around with a clipboard or radio literally coming mat-side to ask how the tourney is running & if there are any complaints. It's akin to a nice restaurant where the main manager or maître d' stops by your table to check on the service/satisfaction. We are going to be 800 miles south attending my son's favorite that about 3 Iowans go to. But to tell the truth I regret the conflict & I would rather be at this tournament because of the Director. As an example, it's the only wrestling tourney I have ever attended where you can stop by a table & obtain your son's bracket updated after each round. Especially East Iowa if you are not doing Knox duals & have yet to experience Wisc. studs & this Gopher-type venue, it gets no better than this. 2 cents."

"Thanks, what a great tournament you run and what a great facility in Monticello. This is really the premier event in Minnesota for kids, keep up the good work!"

"We haven't even made it to Monticello yet and we are very happy so far with this tournament. They have stuck to their time line and delivered on everything so far and I am sure that will continue. I wished it was possible for many of the tournaments we have here in Iowa to be run like this."

"Hey, you run an awesome tournament. Thanks and again it really is one of the best ran tournaments we have attended and we travel a lot."

"Great tournament. The whole experience of the tournament is close to perfect in the pre-bracketing, and updates throughout the day with a paid barcode/card where you can update your bracket at a booth and get a new printout throughout the tournament. Very well thought out and well-ran tournament. Great venue and competition. Nice awards. It's as good a tournament as we've ever been to."

"I don't post much on the message boards but I am a believer in your tournament and want more Iowa folks to experience it. After reading the Predicament's message boards, I am expecting more from Iowa to be there next year!! We have been there 4 years in a row now and the tournament is second to none. Thanks again for the great tournament!"

"I plan on wrestling at this Tournament, I have been told by several people that it is the best tournament they have ever gone to."

"You ran a great tourney, it was fast efficient and was all you promised.  My son wrestled and was out on time just like you said.  I am telling others from Ohio to put your tourney on their map for next year."

"Well done, again, on your tournament.  I truly believe that this is the one tournament that gets better each year and that seems to be because you listen to the parents and coaches in their suggestions and you implement them.  Loved the full mats and coaches only area mat side and the reffing did seem improved. Seeding seemed thorough (I would think it would be impossible, but love that part of it).  I loved the whole thing. I feel fortunate to be part of this tournament as it has evolved.  I expect to see more and more out of state kids each year."

"I must say that I love this tournament and we haven't even got there yet! Thank you for keeping us so informed! We have a long drive and its nice to know in advance what is going on!! Much appreciated!"

"Just a quick note to say I was impressed with your tourney.  I have been around youth wrestling as a parent and coach since my son was in kindergarten.  We have been to tourneys all over the country and this ranks right up there as a really good one.  The quality of wrestlers in my sons bracket was top notch.   I will recommend this tourney to others in WI who are looking for a well run tourney with top notch competition.  Well done!"

"Just wanted to thank all of those in charge of the Gopher State tourney today. It was the best tournament we've ever been to."

"This was hands down the best tournament we have ever been to! If only everyone would run their tournaments like you! We will be back next year for sure, and hopefully bring 10 more Iowa studs with us! We loved getting the brackets the Thursday before, wow, what a treat! Thanks for making it worth the 12 hour round trip drive!"

"Very well run, and good competition. You guys did a great job for such a big event!"

"We loved this tournament. Very well run. Lots of parking/seating. Nice & cool in the gym. The refs were the best. So positive/helpful very impressed there! The matches were right on schedule. Very organized. Loved the bracket computerized updates. I don't think we have one complaint! A big hand for this tourney! Thank You!"

"This tourney was ran great, good job to everybody involved you really did this perfect. I would also like to point out to some or many that had problems in the past with this tourney trust me they really put it right.. The competition was just remarkable, again great job!!!!"

"Absolutely terrific tournament. The event was first-rate in every way. Really impressive."

"Outstanding tournament. MYAS you put on a great tournament."

"I would like to thank you and all the MYAS staff/volunteers for a well run wrestling tournament.  Not only was it a well-run tournament, it was also a moment where I was reminded that there are so many good, giving and caring people in our communities."

"I was very impressed with the wrestlers and the organization of the tournament; I wish we had that down here.  We haven’t decided if we will be back but that doesn’t have anything with our experience."

"One thing I wanted to pass along to you. The table workers were fantastic. I didn't hear any complaints about them at all. My experience was great. Very attentive and on the ball. Let them know they did a great job."

"Hey Jeremy I was just wanting to let you know that we thought the tournament was awesome, it was run so smooth and on our mat it seemed pretty glitch free!  GREAT JOB!!!"

"You are doing a phenomenal job of organizing this tournament.  I am impressed with your attention to detail.  As a coach, it is nice to have this kind of info so we can split up coaching duties and keep a map of where each kid is wrestling!"

"Truely was a great tourney!!!!  I wish every tourney was like that."

"Today was our first time at Gopher State Tournament. It far exceeded my expectations. started on time, ran smooth, good refs. We were in the truck headed home at 11:30!"

"Very nicely done. Great refs, great competition and plenty of space for everything. CONGRATS on a job well done!!"

"Would like to say thank you for a great weekend of wrestling. We have no complaints about anything, one of the best run tourneys we have been to. We will be back for sure next year."

"Kudos on the best run tourney I have seen for 7-8ths. 1.5 periods and lots of room! Great job...But the most awesome thing of all was it started at 9am, just like they said it would and it ran like clockwork, no stress at all. We will be back for sure!"

"It really was a great tournament. Congrats to all that was involved."

"Little man had a great bracket and he finally won it, not without some good old fashioned tough competition, nice to see Iowa and Wisc attendance!!!!!!"

"I would just like to take time to thank everyone who made this tournament such a success. Everything ran so smoothly, and the workers at our table only took 2 short breaks to work on bout sheets, but that was nice because it gave time for some of the kids to catch their breaths when they had wrestle back matches that were only 5-6 matches apart. My son will surely be back next year and will spread the word to bring other kids with us! Thank you and kudos!"

"This was by far the best run tournament we participated in this year. The rest of the organizers should take notes!"

"I've gotta say that was the largest and best run tourney we've ever been to and we left to early and my son didn’t get his medal but Jeremy from MYAS sent the medal in the mail to my son Much Props Jeremy"

"Thank you for a very well run tournament. Great job! We wrestled three rounds in three hours and that included awards. Well run machine."

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