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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


MYAS Director of Officiating

Coordinator of Trusted Officials

Full-Time Position


Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Inc. (MYAS) was originated in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the delivery of youth sports services to young athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and the associations that serve them. The MYAS is Minnesota's largest multi-sport organization focused solely on youth athletics with more than 150,000 kids participating in our programs annually. We are a central clearinghouse for youth sports, serving as an information channel linking hundreds of youth associations, coaches, and thousands of parents.


Trusted Officials was created as a comprehensive officials/umpire training program available online and in a LIVE workshop setting with the intent to educate, train, screen, recruit, and retain new and veteran youth officials/umpires. This platform provides the opportunity for an individual to help develop the skills necessary to become successful in youth sports officiating.


Commensurate with experience. The comprehensive compensation plan consists of salary, cell phone/internet reimbursement, program/team rewards, longevity and unscheduled bonus.


  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life/LTD
  • Flexible benefit plan
  • Supplemental insurance
  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plan; company matches up to 3%
  • PTO; eight paid holidays + two personal days/year
  • Longevity bonus
  • Team bonus potential


  • Coordinate with designated assignors of the MYAS and Trusted Assignors to ensure all game officials/umpires:
  •  are properly trained on MYAS policies and procedures related to their role and responsibilities as well as applicable general policies to maintain the status of a sub-contracted employee.
  • maintain a clear understanding and knowledge of any/all Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) and National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) rules updates and annual points of emphasis.
  • continue to evaluate and update any modifications of MSHSL/NFHS rules as well as all rules for game play as they pertain to any MYAS administered tournaments, leagues, and special events established by the MYAS, the Board of Advisors that represents the MYAS within each applicable sport, and initiatives such as the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA).
  • Establish regular open and transparent communications with assignors to ensure that any changes, modifications, enhancements, or clarifications are clear to the game officials/umpires.
  • Establish regular communications with hosting organizations and/or MYAS tournament directors to ensure that there is alignment with specific event expectations.
  • Monitor assignments to guarantee that all events have the appropriate number of officials/umpires available and assigned.
  • Plan for and enact contingencies as required for officials/umpires or assignors that may become available on both short and long notice.
  • Coordinate with MYAS designated assignors to make certain that all assignments for any administered event is completed and submitted through the GameMaker system on a weekly basis.
  • Establish a consistent and fair pay scale for assignors and game officials/umpires.
  • Coordinate with MYAS designated assignors for proper submission of payroll after the completion of MYAS-administered weekend events. This includes verification of pay scale and individuals assigned; approval of pay report; and submission of tournaments, leagues, and events to MYAS Executive Director and accounting staff.
  • Collaborate with MYAS marketing staff, youth athletic associations, assignors, and individual officials/umpires to recruit, retain, and educate officials on an ongoing and consistent basis.
  • Continue to develop a relationship with the MSHSL and other statewide youth sports organizations, associations, and assignors to proactively address existing, upcoming, or possible future rule changes and ensure proper dissemination of the rules.
  • Develop, implement, and deliver regular cadence for ongoing, continuing in-season education for active and inactive officials/umpires.
  • Development, implement, deliver, and/or train others for the implementation of required in person and virtual training to maintain officials in good standing and with an impeccable understanding of the appropriate rules.
  • Collaborate across governing bodies to reduce duplication of requirements across organizations to ensure minimal hours of administrative time for officials/umpires.
  • Assist in improving the understanding of the roles of officials/umpires across the youth sports community and educating on better ways to interact based on individual roles within the community.
  • Support the development of tools and technology to ensure efficient and timely delivery of training, services, and information for officials and partners in the delivery of events.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain the Trusted Officials curriculum through various means, such as in-person/virtual training camps and clinics and online modules, courses and continuing education through, and any other enhancements to grow the platform that will benefit every youth official.
  • Establish partnerships, provide exemplary service, solid marketing, and promotion to connect youth sports officials and assignors with the Trusted Officials platform and any other in-person, virtual or online means of training, screening, and education.
  • Recruit youth sports officials/umpires to utilize the Trusted Officials platform and other in-person, virtual or online means to provide training, screening, and education.
  • Manage social media campaigns and regularly promote officiating and its benefits.
  • Create printed, online publications and articles for marketing purposes.
  • Develop marketing plans with the MYAS Executive Director related to officiating and Trusted Officials.
  • Effectively communicate with prospective officials, organizations, and assignors via phone, video conference, or in-person meetings or other special events
  • Build and maintain relationships with members of the youth sports community.


  • Current active official with three to five years of experience officiating at any level
  • Experience in project management and/or people management
  • Experience working with individuals with varying levels of education, social and economic backgrounds, and diverse perspectives
  • Experience and/or training in de-escalation techniques
  • Strong and diverse set of communication skills with audiences of varying size, in person and/or online
  • Experience working with online software and have the ability to identify opportunities for improvement in the user experience


  • Five or more years of experience officiating with MYAS and/or MSHSL
  • Five or more years of experience officiating in the sports of basketball, baseball, football, and/or wrestling
  • Experience training and/or managing groups of officials and/or working with assignors
  • Experience assigning officials
  • Experience delivering training virtually and in person to individuals and large groups
  • Experience promoting and marketing a service or product


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The MYAS does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status in employment or the provision of services.

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