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Idalis Riley Joins MYAS as Marketing Coordinator

Idalis Riley played basketball in high school and in college. But she embraces the type of player she was.

"I was definitely a role player," Riley says. "I wasn't in the starting 5, but I played my role and built a lot of confidence."

Specifically, Riley appreciated the challenge of defending their top offensive players, tapping into her athleticism and competitiveness.

"I don't want whoever I'm guarding to score," she says. "Ultimately I want what’s best for the team. If that’s me coming in as the shooter or cheering my teammates on, then so be it."

Riley wants to bring that mindset to MYAS as Marketing Coordinator. In her first few weeks, she has appreciate getting to know the MYAS team and learning about the different projects and opportunities she can work on.

"It is a team, so everyone is pretty close-knit. But we are also working on a lot of different things," she says, "and I'm looking forward to take some of the load off of them."

Riley grew up in North Minneapolis, spending a lot of time with her grandmother and cousins. Then she and her father started to connect around basketball. She played basketball throughout her childhood, and she was a captain at Washburn High School in Minneapolis before heading to Danville Area Community College in Illinois, then William Penn University in Iowa. 

Importantly, Riley graduated with degrees in psychology and human services with student-athlete honors. She returned to the Twin Cities, working at the Boys & Girls Club as a teen specialist then an applied research youth organization. She also started her own business, and earned a certification in yoga, working at the first hip hop, Black-owned, woman-owned yoga studio, 612 Jungle.

Though she still enjoys basketball, Riley says she enjoys "movement," which includes hikes, lifting and yoga. 

Riley says being a collegiate athlete provides her a great perspective that helps her in her work.

"It’ll drive you to do things that you might not necessarily want to do," she says. "But it builds your character and your perspective of what it means to be on a team.

Idalis Riley- MYAS Marketing Coordinator
Idalis Riley- MYAS Marketing Coordinator
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