We are moving into a new website!  Pages are currently being transitioned to the new website. 

Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


NEW MYAS Website Launched

Something look a little different?  The MYAS just got a makeover!

We are excited to introduce our new website to the 150,000 coaches, players and parents that participate in MYAS programs, tournaments and leagues every single year.  This new website offers our customers a dynamic, versatile platform to deliver the information you are looking for.

A Long Road

Believe it or not but the MYAS has been around long before anyone even knew what a website was.  

Founded in 1991, the MYAS was a small group of people looking to create competitive opportunities for the youth sports community in Minnesota.  In the early days, we owned one computer, events were listed in newspapers to advertise, brackets were drawn using a pencil & ruler and final schedules were sent via the US Postal system.  The telephone was the main tool for communication and it was still connected to the wall with a long cord.  In 1996, we thought we were really cookin' when our new "space machine" was delivered to the office.  This "space machine" would transmit ONE page every FIVE minutes and they called it a "Fax Machine". We were one step away from sending a man to Mars.

Fast forward to 2016...

Well, we haven't sent a man to Mars yet but the tools we utilize to help run one of the nation's largest multi-sport organizations have certainly evolved.  Now we all enjoy the efficiency of cell phones, text messages and e-mails.  Over the years we have developed our own GameMaker system to handle the massive volume of coaches, teams and players through online registration and rosters.  We've been working with our technology partner, Treefort, to help build a new system - GameMaker 2 - that will allow us to continue to offer some of the most organized youth sports programs to the good people of Minnesota and beyond.

New Living Rooms

The first thing you'll notice about the new site is the consistent layout of all the program pages.  We've worked long hours to ensure the flow and look of the site is up-to-date and easy-to-use.


The entire platform of the new site is dynamic in that offers easy viewing from not only your desktop/laptop computer but also from any mobile device.

GameMaker 2 Integration

Our new software program, GameMaker 2, is the "brain" behind our day-to-day operations.  GameMaker 2 has been integrated into the new site to house all event and league information.


As with all websites, there exists an aspect of continuing development and enhancement.  We are constantly looking for more effective and efficient ways to deliver information to the masses.  Please share with us your thoughts and ideas as the website continues to evolve.  You'll be surprised at how quickly we can build new tools for you.

Take a Look Around!  We hope you like what you'll see.

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