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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


OUR MISSION is SIMPLE—Provide a Safe, Positive and Productive environment

The mission of the MYAS is simply—Youth Sports Done Right.  Our team at the MYAS and the MYAS Board of Directors are daily committed and dedicated to improving the delivery of youth sports services to our 110,000 young athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and community associations that serve these young athletes. 

Participation in athletics is one of the healthiest options for young athletes to make good choices about life’s many decisions.  This can be achieved through promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and cultural interaction through sporting competition as well as by providing the highest quality athletic programs for Minnesota’s youth athletes, while serving as an informational channel that links hundreds of regional volunteer youth sports programs throughout the Gopher state.

“Youth Sports Done Right” is an intentional commitment to provide participation experiences that emphasize sportsmanship and positive conduct in the healthiest and safest environments possible.  At the MYAS—we take our mission very seriously. 

“The number one priority of the MYAS remains a commitment to providing a safe, positive, and productive experience for Minnesota’s youth athletes.  We believe the best way to support that commitment is to provide access to health, wellness, and safety education resources to the parent volunteer community associations we serve.  The partnership with the U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) allows full access to education and resources for each role of the youth sports experience.”  Dawson Blanck, MYAS Executive Director

The MYAS partnership with USCAH provides access to Athletics Healthspace, an e-learning platform with over 150 health, wellness, and safety courses.  Important health and safety topics like—Mental Health, Athlete Recovery, Injury/Illness Management and Prevention, General Athlete Health and Wellness, Emergency Preparedness, and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion—are available in easy-to-follow e-learning modules. 

“Our collaborative partnership with the MYAS further strengthens the mission of the MYAS—to improve the delivery of youth sports services to athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and the associations that serve them.  Participation must by healthy and safe and education is the key to ensuring the MYAS community sport associations provide healthy and safe participation environments.” Dr. Jim Borchers, USCAH Founder and President

The team members at the MYAS and at USCAH know that education and programming are the keys to developing and sustaining a participation environment that best serves our young athletes.  In addition to Athletics Healthspace, the MYAS and USCAH will regularly highlight health, wellness, and safety programming that we know will prepare and serve the coaches, young athletes and parents, and the community associations.

Finally, we leave you with one last thought…Without question, if we are not committed to providing the healthiest and safest environment for our community associations and the coaches and young athletes they serve, then participation as we know it will cease to exist. We must make the move together to require new standards of health and safety and ensure an intentional commitment to healthy and safe participation is the #1 mission for all. 


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