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The  South Suburban Youth Football League  would like to welcome back all the associations to the league.  We look forward to continued growth of the league into a fun, competitive league that teaches good sportsmanship and the basic fundamentals of the game to the youth involved in our programs.  The SSYFL offers traveling football for 3rd through 8th grade teams in the south metro.  Our members include Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Eastview, Farmington, Lakeville North, Lakeville South, Rosemount and Shakopee.  If you have questions about the SSYFL, please email mail@ssyfl.net for all inquiries.

Playoff Info:

Final Pairings will be made after the October 2nd Play Date (4-Team brackets per Standings)
Final two playoff games will be scheduled on Saturday - Oct 9th and Saturday - Oct 16th

Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to Playoff time...

Division Standings Teams   Schedule  
3rd/4th-Grade Standings Teams   Schedule  
      Bloomington Purple 3/4    
      Burnsville 3/4    
      Shakopee Black 4 (Rams)    
      Shakopee Red 4    
      Shakopee White 4    
      Harding 3/4    
5th-Grade Standings Teams   Schedule  
      Bloomington Purple 5    
      Bloomington Green 5    
      Burnsville 5    
      Shakopee 5-1    
      Shakopee 5-2    
6th-Grade Standings Teams   Schedule  
      Apple Valley Gold 6    
      Bloomington Blue 6    
      Bloomington Silver 6    
      Burnsville Black 6    
      Eagan 6-1    
      Eagan 6-2    
      Farmington Black 6    
      Farmington Orange 6    
      Farmington White 6    
      Lakeville North 6-1    
      Lakeville North 6-2    
      Lakeville South Maroon 6    
      Lakeville South Gold 6    
      Rosemount Gold 6    
      Rosemount Navy 6    
      Shakopee Red 6    
      Shakopee Black 6    
      St. Paul Harding 6    
      Burnsville Gold 6    
      Rosemount Green 6    
      Eastview 6    
      Lakeville North 6-3    
7th-Grade Standings Teams   Schedule  
      Apple Valley Gold 7    
      Bloomington Red 7    
      Burnsville 7    
      Eagan Blue 7    
      Eagan Green 7    
      Eastview Blue 7    
      Farmington Orange 7    
      Farmington Black 7    
      Lakeville North Red 7    
      Lakeville North White 7    
      Lakeville South 7-1    
      Lakeville South 7-2    
      Rosemount Gold 7    
      Rosemount Navy 7    
      Shakopee Red 7    
      Shakopee Black 7    
      Shakopee White 7    
      Bloomington Gold 7    
      Rosemount Green 7    
      Eastview Green 7    
8th-Grade Standings Teams   Schedule  
      Apple Valley Gold 8    
      Bloomington Purple 8    
      Burnsville 8    
      Eagan Blue 8    
      Eagan Green 8    
      Eastview Blue 8    
      Farmington Black 8    
      Farmington Orange 8    
      Lakeville North White 8    
      Lakeville South 8-2    
      Lakeville South 8-1    
      Rosemount Gold 8    
      Rosemount Navy 8    
      Shakopee Red 8    
      Shakopee Black 8    
      St. Paul Harding 8    
      Lakeville South 8-3    
      Bloomington Silver 8    

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