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9th Annual Ronald McDonald House Charities Collection Drive

On the weekend of April 23-24 MYAS held our annual collection drive for Ronald McDonald House.  This is the 9th consecutive year of this partnership and once again the MYAS family came through with much needed donations.  All five basketball tournament sites had collection tables and as you'll see in the attached photos when you add everything together it is an impressive amount of items.  Ronald McDonald House is a home-away-from-home for families.  We provide everything a family will need so they can focus on the well being of their child.  And we know children heal better with family close by.  Providing a caring community of support at our four Twin Cities locations and the new Ronald McDonald House-Northland in Duluth.  We thank the MYAS family for contributing and can't wait to do this again in 2023!

The MYAS Foundation believes in enriching the lives of youth athletes, their families, and other influential individuals, who believe in teaching life lessons through the pursuit of sport, athletic development, education, and training for those who aspire to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Youth Sports Done Right