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2021-2022 Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance Recommendations For COVID-19

            As of 9/21/2021

The recommendations below were adopted from the Minnesota State High School League and can be considered as MN Youth Basketball Alliance members develop COVID plans to be implemented within their association.

Prevention Strategies:


  • Strongly recommend vaccination for all those ages 12 and older.


  • Masks/face coverings should be worn when participants are not actively playing.
  • Indoor masking is recommended for all spectators, coaches, and game personnel.

Physical Distancing

  • Maintaining 3 feet of distance from people when possible.


  • Small groups/pods during practices.


  • Self-screening should be done by all participants, coaches, referees, spectators, and game personnel.
  • Attendance should be kept for all team games, practices, and activities.


  •  Participants who are not vaccinated should be tested regularly.

General Hygiene Practices

  • Handwashing, using individual water bottles, clean equipment, and uniforms, disinfect high-touch areas, and limit the sharing of equipment.

Use of Indoor Spaces

  • When using indoor spaces, keep groups/pods small.


  • Use of practice pods that are small and consistent.
  • Stagger start time to reduce contact.
  • Limit practice to only coaches and players, when possible.

Off-court Activities

  • Off-court activities are not recommended.


  • Carpooling is not recommended. If necessary, use masks/face coverings and social distance as much as possible.


NOTE:    Facility requirements take priority over any of the above recommendations.


Other Resources:

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General Guidance: mailto:Health.schools.covid19@state.mn.us


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