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2021-2022 MYBA Rankings

Welcome to the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance Rankings for the 2021-2022 basketball season. 

  • MYBA Rankings automatically included results from MYBA member association tournaments that utilize the MYAS instance Tourney Machine. 
  • Teams that participated in tournaments that use the MYAS instance of tourney machine will not need to report results for the rankings. 
  • This approach is intended to save time and increases the accuracy of the MYBA Rankings.
  • This enhanced connection to MYBA member association tournaments and the MYBA Rankings will allow MYAS to eliminate in-person Grade State seeding meetings, for the 2nd straight year! 
  • MYBA Rankings will collect and organize team records, making seeding for the Grade State Championships, clearer, simpler, and straightforward!
  • See below for information on submitting tournament results if your organization is not using the MYAS instance of Tourney Machine.

If any MYBA member association travel basketball tournaments that are being held in January and February, 2022 have interest in using Tourney Machine, to allow your participating teams to easily connect to the MYBA Trusted Rankings, please contact jeremy@myas.org.


MYAS Tourney Machine Tournament Results Through December 18, 2021

Some game results from the tournaments listed are still in process of being entered into the rankings.

Alexandria Tournament

Belle Plaine's Tiger Paw Challenge

Cadet Classic Tournament

Centennial Cougar Classic

Chaska Boys Tournament

Coon Rapids Tournament

East Ridge Raptor Classic

Eastview Lighting Classic

Eden Prairie Tournament

Irish Classic

Mahtomedi Zephyr Classic Tournament

Minnetonka Boys Tournament

Monticello Snowball Tournament

Northfield Shootout

OMGBA Tipoff Classic

STMA Shining Armor Shootout

Rogers Winter Warmup

Alexandria Youth Club Tournament

Bell Plaine's Tiger Paw Challenge

Buffalo Bison Fall Classic

Centennial Cougar Classic

CGAA Girls Classic

Champlin Park Tournament

Eagan Run n' Gun Wildcat Classic

East Ridge Raptor Classic

Farmington Tiger Classic

Fridley Fire an Ice

Hastings Spiral Tourney

Lakeville North Panther Classic

Mahtomedi Zephyr Classic Tournament

Minnetonka Snow Globe Classic

Monticello Snowball Tournament

Northfield Shootout

OMGBA Girls Youth Tournament 

Prior Lake Play it Up Classic

Roseville Holiday Classic

SCAYBA Holiday Tournament

Stillwater Big East Tournament

Watertown-Mayer December Tournament

Non-MYAS Tourney Machine Results Submitted

No data provided

No data provided

Tournaments that use methods of tracking their tournament results, using methods other that the MYAS Tourney Machine instance can submit results by emailing one of the following formats to mf@myas.org.

  • If you are using your own tourney machine instance please submit your results by submitting a PDF of the Pool Standings and Results report and the Bracket Results from the report menu.
  • If you are not using your own tourney machine instance you may submit your results by submitting a spreadsheet in PDF or Microsoft Excel format without active macros that includes:
    • Grade of Play (3,4,5,6,7,8)
    • Level of Play (A,B,C)
    • A list of teams participating in the tournament using the following format
      • For Girls
        • (Team Name) G(GradeLevel) (Team Name Differentiator); Example: Alexandria G4 Blue
      • For Boys
        • (Team Name) B(Grade Level) (Team Name Differentiator); Example: Minnetonka B8 A
    • Game results listed in rows with columns labeled as the following
      • Date
      • Time
      • Team One
      • Team One Score
      • Team Two
      • Team Two Score

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to mf@myas.org.

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