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Membership Benefits

Is there anything else?
Yes! MYBA members will receive exclusive access and offers on additional services designed to enhance your parents' and your players' experience. This page will continue to be updated will more value adds as a member of the MYBA. Reference that your association is a proud member of the MYBA to receive an exclusive discount.

This is an exclusive offer for all youth basketball associations that are members of the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) which provides:

  1. Reduced pricing
  2. Depth and breadth of services provided to your association

Pricing:  The programming and services prices are below.

The MYBA price, incredibly, is $3.00/player for the entire winter-community based basketball season. That is only 2 ½ cents per day, per player for the five-month season.

  • Regular pricing includes a $300-$500 administration fee per youth organization (based on the size of the organization), with a $5.00 per player fee for access to the COVID Care education and Game Day Ready.
  • All teams in your association will be registered for the upcoming season and if the season is canceled, no fees will exist.
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