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2021 Trusted Officials Umpire Training Clinics

All Umpires working youth baseball games are welcome, encouraged and recommended to attend the Trusted Officials Umpire Training Clinics. Our clinics are designed to allow umpires of all abilities an opportunity to enhance their skills and/or become educated in the finer points of umpiring. We are excited to welcome back Zachary Gustafson as our lead clinician. He has been a longtime MSHSL registered baseball umpire and is a member of the Gopher State Officials Association. All clinicians are dedicated to teaching and are excited to share their wealth of knowledge to the up and coming umpires of Minnesota.


Instruction to each student will include philosophy, mental approach and attitude towards baseball, including appearance and equipment. On field training for the 1 and 2-man umpiring system, which includes proper positioning and duties of the plate and base umpire. Every umpire will have the opportunity to participate in live drills where you will see the play and make the call. This clinic will also cover handling game situations, balks, ejections, etc. 


Why Trusted Officials Umpire Training Clinics?

New and Veteran Officials will receive training, education, philosophy, game management and effective communication skills,  that will equip you as an umpire on the baseball field this season and beyond. Attending one of these virtual training opportunities, will allow you to receive a significantly higher per game rate, for any MYAS administered league game, tournament or special event. 

The focus of these virtual training opportunities is on Philosophy/Game Management/Communication. 

  1. Philosophy and Game Management
    • Why
    • Proper Attire
    • Expectation, Demeanor and Uniform
    • How to manage a youth baseball game
  2. Communication
    • Players, Coaches and Team Personnel
    • Incorrect and Correct


Give Back to America's Pastime! 


Why Umpire? What is your role?

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