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Officials Training

All New Officials must complete an in-person or virtual clinic to be eligible for the 2021-22 season.

Currently, there are no more in-person clinics scheduled for this season  However, if you would like to receive certification to be able to officiate MYAS games in 2021-22 we are offering an online version of the clinic.

Click HERE to register and complete the
ONLINE OFFICIALS CLINIC and additional certification training

Carolyn Derksen

Tony Schrepfer

Step 1
Register for MYAS Officials Clinic

Step 2
Complete Trusted Officials

Once you complete registration, a link will be sent to you in the registration confirmation email.

Copy and Paste the link into a new browser and either login or create a new account and complete the training.

Note:  There are two links in the confirmation email, one for over 18 and one for under 18.  Please use the correct link!

New Official = Any individual who would like to receive training and become eligible to work some of the 12,000 games MYAS programs each year.  WE WANT YOU!

Expired Official = If you have worked MYAS games in the past but have not completed the Trusted Officials program since 2018. WE WANT YOU BACK!

Not sure if you're status is considered "expired"?

Click here to see 2021-22 Eligible Officials

Youth Basketball Officiating training, screening and education options to gain the maximum pay per game, will be made available by September 1, 2021.

Opportunities for training prior to 2021-2022 season include:

  • In-Person Officials Training during the month of October 2021.
  • In-Person Officials Development during exhibition games w/ clinicians instructing in October, 2021
  • Complete requirements and pass test to become MSHSL registered. If you are MSHSL registered, you will receive additional pay per game. 
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