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Association Team Development programs are dedicated to helping associations create balance between preparation vs game play prior to, and throughout the entire year.  Powered by the Ballogy App and the RSBA training curriculum, each participant (athletes, coaches and parents) will have an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge which will help improve the youth sports experience as a whole while creating synergy between the youth and high school basketball athletic program they feed into.

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Educational Workshops for

Players, Coaches and Parents

“Sports can be a powerful learning experience for young

people. As for what they actually learn–that depends on the adults.”

Justin Baker, Founder, Mindful Power LLC.  Coach,

Educator and PhD Candidate at University of Minnesota


Coaches and Parents

As participants of this Academy, you will get access to great resources committed to your development. One of those resources is the Ballogy App, an official partner of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy. 

Let's Ball Out!

Youth Sports Done Right